Salwa MIUI theme for Xiaomi and Redmi phones

Hi Xiaomi and Redmi fans, today I’m sharing a new MIUI theme Salwa for your MIUI phone. This MIUI theme can change the look of your Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO phone, personalize your phone with awesome look and make it different with others.

Salwa MIUI theme is an attractive theme for your Xiaomi and Redmi phone. It bring you the new well designed icons, fresh wallpapers, new status bar, cool lock screen, stylish Always-on Display and many other great changes which you’ll love using it on your smartphone. This Xiaomi theme is completely free to use, so just download and apply it making a good feeling everyday.

Salwa MIUI theme is compatible with MIUI 14, MIUI 13, MIUI 12 and works on Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones. If you like to try new themes on your smartphone and want a different look over your stock themes, then just download the Salwa MIUI theme and share it to others.

Salwa MIUI Theme Preview

Salwa MIUI Theme Details

  • Theme Size: 8.15 MB
  • Designer: Akhmad Syafei
  • Region/Server: Global
  • Compatibility: HyperOS, MIUI 15, MIUI 14, MIUI 13, MIUI 12.5 and MIUI 12
  • Features: Dark, Cool, Abstract, Purple, Simple, Polygon

Theme’s description:

A beautiful place doesn’t have to be an island or the sea, but the most beautiful place is a place where we can unite with the people we love. In the midst of the darkness of life, loved ones become lights and give new colors to life.
The use of dark colors is based on battery power efficiency which makes Xiaomi users more free to express their lives without worrying about battery power consumption. in the icon section I combined 4 matching colors to make this design look luxurious and cool without excessive accents, simpler but still modern, the use of an icon ratio that uses a perfectly rounded square shape makes this icon look neater and suitable for use as fashionable wallpaper whatever. This theme has gone through research using light mode and dark mode so that it is suitable for use in whatever mode the user wants. and I dedicate this theme to my first child and my wife who have always been the color of my life.


Official Theme Store Link

Salwa MIUI Theme mtz File

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How to Apply MIUI Themes [Stock Roms]

If you have MIUI Global Stable ROM(Stock ROM) running on your device, please follow this instruction to install and apply the theme.

  1. Open this page with Firefox browser.
  2. Click the “Official Theme Store Link” in the download area.
  3. This will open a xiaomi theme page in Chinese language, then open the 3 dots in the right corner, select “Open in app“.
  4. It will open the Theme Store APP “Themes Store” to download the theme.
  5. Download and Apply the theme.

If you have MIUI 14 ROM, please follow this instruction to install and apply the theme.

Note: If the “Official Theme Store Link” does not work then please open this page in Chrome Browser or the Default Xiaomi Browser and try again, the other browsers may not work.

How to Apply MIUI Themes on [Custom ROMs]

If you have any MIUI 11, 12, 12.5, 13 or MIUI 14 based custom ROMs like Xiaomi EU ROM, MIUIRoom and others,  you can install MIUI theme with MTZ file.

  1. Download the mtz theme file from the download link.
  2. Open the Theme Store APP and tap to Themes option.
  3. Swipe to bottom and click Import.
  4. Import the xxx.mtz file just downloaded.
  5. Apply the theme.
Note: Restart your device after applying the theme in case anything is overlapping or not visible properly. This theme has been tested and it’s working perfectly without any issue.

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