Top 10 Best Xiaomi HyperOS Themes 2024

HyperOS theme is a new theme system launched by Xiaomi, which has been greatly improved in design, functionality and experience. It is developed based on MIUI 14 and adopts a new design language and interaction method. Overall, the HyperOS theme is a new experience well worth trying. Here are the top 10 best HyperOS themes you should try in 2024.

List of best HyperOS themes for Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO Devices

1. Haiperios

Haiperios is a modern nature themes for HyperOS which designed by IcaLSupriatna. With a fresh and nature wallpaper, big modern lock screen and home clock and new designed icons, Haiperios theme makes you feel comfortable and cozy.

Download Haiperios theme for HyperOS

2. New Sezon

New Sezon is another fresh and nature HyperOS theme for life from AdeM. Thanks for the designer, you can have 4 different styles of mountain wallpapers.

Download New Sezon theme for HyperOS

3. Plain White Pro

Plain White Pro is a new HyperOS theme with 114 dynamic icons, light and silky animations will be played every time you return to the desktop. Lock screen and desktop clock fully support 2K resolution.

Download Plain White Pro theme for HyperOS

4. iOSStarWorld Version 8.0

iOSStarWorld Version 8.0 theme allows you to get a good look based on all other themes. With iOS Color Clock, iOS Control Center, Notification Panel, iOS Emojis and more are fully functional magisk modules, iOSStarWorld Version 8.0 is best iOS like theme for HyperOS phones.

Download iOSStarWorld Version 8.0 theme for HyperOS

5. S24 Ultra

S24 Ultra is another iOS like theme with charging animation, dynamic icons, smart island, wallpapers, color, lock screen and many other features. You can apply these advanced features with a password.

Download S24 Ultra theme for HyperOS

6. Native 15Pro

Native 15Pro is an exquisite HyperOS theme from Shichuanghulian. This premium theme gives you 1800+ high-quality third-party icons, perfectly adapted dock and dynamic lock screen, make it different with others.

Download Native 15Pro theme for HyperOS

7. Hyper Heart

Hyper Heart is one of the first themes to support HyperOS. With 2K resolution lock screen and HD icons, three colors wallpaper, you can get the feeling of HyperOS early.

Download Hyper Heart theme for HyperOS

8. MiEDN iP

MiEDN iP is a dark mode only theme for HyperOS. It has 24+ amazing wallpapers, charging animation, dynamic icons, smart island and more customizable features. To activate advanced features, please enter the password.

Download MiEDN iP theme for HyperOS

9. Paradise Home

Paradise Home is a beautiful color gradient theme designed by Kevin for global users. Powerful customization function makes you love it and every widget is well designed.

Download Paradise Home theme for HyperOS

10. Super Transparent

Super Transparent is a great theme from AdemOyuklu. It is a personalized theme that includes a stunning wallpaper, Apple iPhone style icons and lock screen widgets.

Download Super Transparent theme for HyperOS


With the release of Xiaomi’s new system named HyperOS, more and more people are liking its new design style. Are you still looking for a theme that suits you, or do you want to change a different theme every day? So what are you waiting for? So explorer the top 10 best HyperOS themes collection 2024. Be your own personality, start by finding a theme.

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